Custom watches


What is the secret of our custom watches? How are we able to offer unique automatic watches for the same price as other watch brands that make and sell them in large series?

Clik the following link to begin to customize your own watch

It’s very simple – but complicated at the same time. Compared to other manufacturers who outsource and/or carry out their manufacturing in other countries, at Unity we have the advantage of doing things the opposite way. Read more

Personalized watches


Click the following link to begin to customize your watch: design your own watch

Ever since humans have existed they have tried to differentiate and distinguish themselves from others. At first, this was due to a sense of belonging to a different tribe from the others. Then, as their personal needs have grown, they have differentiated themselves from their equals and marked their status or lifestyle with exclusive objects and clothing. By itself, the search for exclusiveness has been, and is, an intrinsic part of human reasoning and one very much associated with luxury and expense.

Running contrary to this tendency, we at Unity don’t believe that exclusiveness can be obtained from whatever costs the most money, but by what is unique and personal –we believe in the luxury of things made to measure. That’s why we decided to offer our clients the chance to participate in the Read more