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What is the secret of our custom watches? How are we able to offer unique automatic watches for the same price as other watch brands that make and sell them in large series?

Clik the following link to begin to customize your own watch

It’s very simple – but complicated at the same time. Compared to other manufacturers who outsource and/or carry out their manufacturing in other countries, at Unity we have the advantage of doing things the opposite way. We try to do as much as possible in house, and we have small-scale suppliers nearby with whom we have a very direct relationship, one that goes beyond strictly commercial concerns. All this allows us to be highly flexible and to undertake almost any job in record time and piece by piece – something that would be unthinkable if we worked with Asian suppliers or large factories that don’t accept orders of less than a thousand units.

personalized watches

Several clients have asked us to personalize their own watch and the results have always exceeded their expectations. Custom watches, such as the ones we manufacture, require a slow and painstaking process. This is due not so much to technical or design complexities (although this is sometimes the case), but to the continuous feedback in which we engage with our clients until a definition of what they want can be obtained. A lot of the time it’s not about technical or manufacturing issues, but about guiding them in their choice of the best combination and turning an abstract idea of what they believe to be their ideal watch into a concrete proposal.

At other times clients come to us with a very clear request that we give shape to by presenting them with various proposals for your custom watch (clik here to know how we work), such as in the case of the skull watch, for example. We’ve attached the relevant briefing so that you can see how we work.

The degree of personalization we provide is inconceivable for traditional watch brands. Which watch parts can we customize? Well, all, or almost all, of them. We’ll now explain the different possibilities and available combinations as regards our custom-made watches:

  • Case finishes: a normal or emery polish in whatever combination you would like. We also have a matte finish (see Mare Nostrum). With regard to PVD treatments, we can provide black, gray and brown DLC.
  • Case coatings: we can plate in gold, platinum, rhodium and ruthenium with whichever thickness and in whatever quality our clients wish.
  • Case material: we can make our cases in any material or redesign them if required. Warning – it’s not cheap to make just ONE, but neither is it as dear as you might think.
  • Movements: any ETA or equivalent; 2824-2, 2892-A2, 2804, Sellita, Valanvron
  • Hands: we use our models, but in whatever color you want, or we can look for whichever ones you like as long as they can be adapted to the movements.
  • Straps: whatever you want – we work with different craftsmen who make them to measure.

To sum up then, all our know-how is placed at your disposal so that you can have a unique and personalized watch… Ah! You can also have an extremely limited, made-to-measure series of unique timepieces (each with a different color).


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