Custom watches:

They say that when we dream about someone dying, it makes our life longer, and when you give a watch, we cause the moments of happiness in which it is received to be longer, deeper, and more intense.

I can’t prove that these saying are correct, but it is true that these mechanical instruments, capable of measuring time, succeed in being, in its network of parts and mechanisms, both an authentic work of art and one of engineering, a live element full of energy which become a part of us.

Build bespoke watches:

Giving a gift of BESPOKE WATCHES is to showcase the long journey from the water clock to the complex modern mechanisms. The history of BESPOKE WATCHES runs parallel to the evolution of technology and the most skilled workmanship.

The creation and assembly of these unique pieces combines: (1) The latest technology, used to create the machinery and the watch cases, (2) the latest technical developments in design and printing, to create the watch dials, and (3) the care taken in the manual processes of finishing the pieces, crowns and straps. In short, centuries of concentrated knowledge and wisdom.

Besides being the perfect combination of past and present, of art and technology, these incredibly precise machines have the magic of being able to share with the person who wears it the rhythm that drives them and gives life, in a play between cooperation and permanent uniqueness. Giving a gift of BESPOKE WATCHES is, in a way, giving a gift of life, because watches have a pulse, a soul, and they transform and return the energy received.

Giving a gift of BESPOKE WATCHES:

Giving a gift of BESPOKE WATCHES is giving a gift of something that is alive, something to care for, to pamper; it is an inseparable partner, one that identifies us and that we identify with. Watches reflect our personality, our taste, our image, and what we like; it is our style and way of doing things. Because we believe so, at UNITY, we turn the crown one more turn to make that possible, and we make sure that everyone can subtly display their personal style in the BESPOKE WATCH, as well as express their own opinion about the dictates of fashion that impose mass-produced objects, uniform and gregarious, with no soul nor life.

Giving a gift of BESPOKE WATCHES is to transcend the mere utility of things, think for yourself, and leave your mark wherever you go. We interpret the quality, transcendence, and beauty from the point of view of each wearer, outside of the dictates of what everyone else says or wears. In the end, to give a gift of a unique watch is to appeal to the spirit of the person to whom it is intended; it is allowing each person to discover their watch, and discover that there is a watch for each person.

We can’t prove it, but we are sure that when this little device becomes a part of us, happy moments become more genuine, personal, and intimate. Give a gift of BESPOKE WATCHES.