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Custom watches

DESIGN YOUR OWN WATCH What is the secret of our custom watches? How are we able to offer unique automatic watches for the same price as other watch brands that make and sell them in large series? Clik the following link to begin to customize your own watch It’s very simple – but complicated at […]

Automatic Watches

IN DEFENCE OF TRADITIONAL WATCHMAKING Now that so-called “intelligent watches” have entered our lives, I want to defend even more the – let’s call it traditional – manufacture of automatic watches, which have been around for a long time. I’m not against this new category of watches, indeed, I think competition is necessary, even if […]

Personalized watches

DESIGN YOUR OWN WATCH Click the following link to begin to customize your watch: design your own watch Ever since humans have existed they have tried to differentiate and distinguish themselves from others. At first, this was due to a sense of belonging to a different tribe from the others. Then, as their personal needs have […]

All black watches

Diamond Like Carbon At Unity we’ve gone for an all black watches aesthetic. It’s a striking and very exclusive look, and we use the DLC coating process to achieve the characteristic black color. DLC stands for Diamond Like Carbon, a clear reference to the two main properties of this coating; its toughness and its intense, characteristic […]

Bronze watches

Automatic bronze watches Bronze is an alloy almost as old as humanity itself, and it has been used in the manufacture of arms, coins, statues, utensils and…bronze watches. It has been the most innovative alloy in history, giving rise to several civilizations during the so-called Bronze Age. The oldest bronze alloys were found in what […]